M8 Cylindrical NPN Output Inductive Proximity Sensor

The cylindrical shape can be embedded or non-embedded according to the installation method, and the output method can be divided into DC two-wire, DC three-wire, and AC two-wire. The cylindrical shape has a connector for easy installation and removal. The farthest detection distance can reach 16mm, the protection grade is IP67, and the temperature drift is extremely low; the structure is sturdy and durable, and the performance is stable and reliable. The product has passed strict tests, has strong stability and anti-interference ability, good consistency, and high cost performance.




technical specifications
series M08 Cylindrical – Inductive Sensor
NPN output NO CL08-RN2DN1-A
NPN output NC CL08-RN2DN2-A
PNP output NO CL08-RN2DP1-A
FNP output NC CL08-RN2DP2-A
Detection distance 2mm±10%
Standard sizes M8*1*50mm
Standard detection object Iron 12*12*1mm
set distance 0~1.6mm
electrical characteristics
voltage DN12~24V ripple (p-p) below 10% (DC10~30V table)
current consumption Below 13mA
control output Switching capacity: below 200mA, load current 200mA
indicator light Action indication: red
protection circuit Reverse connection protection, surge absorption, load short circuit protection
response frequency 0.8kHz
Insulation resistance More than 50MΩ (DC500V megger)
withstand voltage AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min Between the whole charging part and the shell
voltage influence Within the range of ±15% of the rated power supply voltage, the detection distance is within ±1%
Applicable environment
Ambient temperature Working -25~+70℃; Storage -40~+85℃
temperature effect When the temperature is in the range of -25~+70℃ +23℃, the detection distance is within ±10%
Use environment humidity 35~95%RH when working; 35~95%RH when saving
physical transformation
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz, up and down amplitude 1.5mm X/Y/Z each direction 2h
Shock proof 300m/s2 X/Y/Z each direction 10 times
degree of protection IEC standard IP67
connection method M8 3-pin connector
weight about 7g
shell Nickel-plated brass
detection surface Heat-resistant ABS
cable pvc
appendix Instructions, nuts, internal gear washers


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