Inflatable wine protector 15.7″*328′ large wide bubble buffer packaging roll,used for packaging mobile,heavy-duty wine bottle shipper laptop transportation packaging

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  • 【Large Size】: A large roll of bubble cushion wrap roll: width: 15.7inch, length: 328feet, thickness: 60um.The hand pump is in the package. Made of recyclable materials. Eco friendly packaging for small business. An air pump is included in the package(Random style). Please prepare a scissors by yourself.
  • 【No Machine Needed, Effective Costs Packing Material】: No need of a special packaging machine. You just need to clip the air inlet and then inflate these packing air pillows by a hand pump, a bicycle electric pump or air compressor. A better wine shipping packaging than wine shipping box.
  • 【Great Buffer Effect Wine Sleeve】:Perfect cushion protection for fragile items such as dishes, whisky, tumblers, glass, laptops, etc. Strong and durable glass bottle travel protector bags for your travel and moving. Alternative to peanuts and foam roll..
  • 【Easy to Use】:1. Spread the air column flat roll; 2. Use a clip to clamp the required length; 3. Find the inflation port and then pump the air; 4. Straight cut along the inflated columns; 5. Wrap the product and stick the whole package with tape; 6. Put it in a cardboard box. (A clip is not included in the package)
  • 【Space Saved】: A compact roll of bubble cushioning wrap roll save you a lot of storage space and money, compared to prefilled air pillows for shipping. Make custom sizes as you need. Convenient household packing materials. Sturdy shipping package for breakables like alcohol.



Transportation and moving are essential
Very suitable for wrapping and protecting fragile items.

Compared with pre-filled inflatable pillows, foams and peanuts, these air bubbles for transportation will save you a lot of storage space.You can expand the flat bubble pad to wrap the roll and inflate it as needed.

Excellent wine bottle transportation packaging
Travel, moving, alcohol packaging
Compared with the air cushion film, our packaging air bag can be inflated by a manual pump or an electric bicycle pump.No need for expensive air cushion machines.Effective cost transportation of supplies.A liquid bottle protector that is very suitable for travel.(Free air pump is included in the package)

High strength: The thickness of the material is 60um, which is much higher than that of ordinary transportation airbags (20um).These airbags used for transportation have excellent impact resistance and cushioning protection performance.Ensure the safe delivery of bottles, glassware, plates, mugs and other fragile items in the shipping box.It is also a great heavy-duty mobile box filler.

You can also pack notebooks, milk powder cans, food cans, buckets, and plates……
Wide bulk bubble pad packaging rolls for small businesses
Large width and sufficient length can meet your daily needs.You can wrap large and small items, such as large bottles and some wide-format electronic products.The perfect choice for checked baggage during travel.

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