electric scissor working platform 4 meters lifting height 500kg


Specification MPCY0.5-4
Table size mm 2010*830
load kg 500
Clear height m 4
Dimensions mm (without guardrail) 2016*1000*1150
Weight kg 680



The electric scissor working platform is a kind of scissor body made of steel rectangular tube as the lifting mechanism. The expansion and folding of the scissors is promoted through the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder to realize the mechanical equipment of the platform. It is a smooth movement, high safety, and is very popular. There are many types of scissor lifts, the common ones are mobile, fixed, and traction, which are used in different fields, such as the traction type is suitable for field high-altitude operations, and the fixed type is suitable for logistics assembly fields.

Product maintenance
1. The power must be cut off before maintenance, and no one is allowed to
Carefully disassemble and assemble electrical appliances to prevent electric shock or misconnection.

2. When the lifting platform is working, the hands, feet and clothes should be prevented from being squeezed

3. Do not overload, unbalanced load lifting, heavy objects should be distributed in the center of the table

4. After the lifting platform is raised, if it is necessary to stay for a period of time, or when it is necessary to enter the workbench for maintenance, the lifting platform must be supported by a support rod to prevent the workbench from falling suddenly and hurting people.

5. When the elevator stops running, it can unload the goods

6. Do not adjust the overflow valve arbitrarily. The hydraulic components in the hydraulic system all work under the specified pressure. When the pressure is too high and the relief valve is still not open, the workbench may drop suddenly, causing damage to people, machines and objects.

7. Before disassembling any part of the hydraulic system, the pressure must be relieved first, so as to prevent the pressure oil from spraying out and causing the workbench to fall and hurt people.

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