Electric Rebar Cutter, 900W Portable Electric Rebar Cut 5/8″ 16mm #5 Rebar within 3 Seconds, 110V

  • Pure Copper Coil Motor: This electric rebar cutter features a 900W pure copper coils motor to ensure higher reliability, which means excellent motivation yet low noise. The motor runs more smoothly to achieve the minimum friction and the minimum power consumption.
  • Super-Fast Cutting Speed: The hydraulic rebar cutter can cut rebar within 2.5-3.0 seconds without sparks and sentiments, which can satisfy your various cutting demand. Cutting capacity ranges from 3/20″ (4mm) #3 Min. Rebar to 5/8″ (16mm) #5 Max. Rebar.
  • High-quality Blade: We utilize upgraded steel blades that would not deform easily and serve you longer with sophisticated blade processing technology and strict quality control. And multiple screw fixed heads can offer quick and accurate cutting while providing double stability and sealability.
  • Adjustable Bolt Design: This hydraulic cutter comes with an adjustable bolt-on to make it convenient when cutting rebar of various sizes. The rebar cutting machine we designed has low noise and a low failure rate, which is very helpful for work.
  • Easy Storage & Widely Used: We provide you with a high-quality protective box for better storage. The compact body makes it effortless to carry anywhere. This electric rebar cutter is mainly used in construction sites, factory workshops, railway construction, bridge construction, building house, roads, etc.



RC-16 900W Electric Rebar Cutter

Powerful Motor & Easy Operation & With Storage Box

The hydraulic electric rebar cutter can cut 3/20” to 5/8”(4 to 16 mm) rebar in 2.5-3 seconds. It features a 900W pure copper motor, sharp blades, adjustable bolt design to provide excellent cutting performance. It is popular in steel mills, railways, and other industries that rebar needs to be cut off. So say goodbye to the tedious and slow manual rebar cutter, and our portable rebar cutter greatly saves your working time and improves the team’s efficiency.

  • Super-Fast Cutting Speed
  • Pure Copper Coil Motor
  • High-quality Steel Blade
  • Adjustable Bolt Design
  • One Button Operation

10 Rolls, 45 Rolls

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