Hydraulic Pump CP-700 Manual Hydraulic Pump Small Hydraulic Hand Pump Pressure Gauge Optional

  • [TECNICAL PARAMETER]—Oil capacity: 900cc | Low pressure output: 20kg/cm2 | High pressure output: 700kg/cm2 | Length: 23.6”/600mm | Weight: 21.2lbs/9.5kg
  • [GOOD PARTS]—Non-slip handle, hydraulic pump body, release valve and hose. The non-slip handle makes the use more comfortable.
  • [WORKING PRINCIPLE]—CP type manual oil pump is a small hydraulic pump station that converts manual mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy.
  • [CAN BE USED WITH OTHER TOOLS ]—Manual hydraulic pump can be used with split hydraulic products, such as punching machine, cutting machine, bending machine, hydraulic jack, hydraulic puller, split hydraulic clamp, flange expander, split ram, etc.

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.


Model High pressure Low pressure High-pressure flow Low-pressure flow Oil storage capacity Weight
CP-180 600Kg/cm² —— 2CC —— 400CC 3.8Kg
CP-700 700Kg/cm² 20Kg/cm² 2.3CC 13CC 900CC 9.5Kg
CP-700-2 700Kg/cm² 20Kg/cm² 2.26CC 12.26CC 2800CC 15.6Kg


Features of Hydraulic Pump

A: Movable handle – to pressurize the hydraulic pump
B: Exhaust valve (also oil filling port) – there is a switch indicator at the tail, this nut must be loosened before use
C: Pressure relief valve switch – tighten (ON) when pressurized, and close (OFF) when pressure is released:
D: shockproof pressure gauge (optional)


CP-700 without Pressure Gauge, CP-700 with Pressure Gauge

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