Comfortable brewing stainless steel fermentation tank

The price is for reference only. For details, please consult customer service to provide a quotation. The price depends on the quantity of the process, the size of the auxiliary machine, the brand, etc., and the quantity is preferred.
Real materials, all our products are made of food grade 304 stainless steel, have a strict welding and polishing operation system, and are carefully manufactured for every customer.



Production and sales of professional equipment in breweries
Beer production cans-stainless steel cans are used for the production, storage and sale of beer.We provide insulated and non-insulated beer cans.They are stainless steel pressure-free or pressure vessels (AISI 304 or AISI 316-depending on their purpose) and are designed for beer production, beer processing, beer storage and other operations.

Beer production tank set-a pre-configured beer tank set, equipped with a complete cooling system and temperature control system.The kit includes all the equipment required for the beer fermentation and beer maturation process.

Beer production can accessories-accessories, equipment, special accessories for beer cans.Tank cleaning and sanitation equipment, temperature and pressure control, additional equipment and connecting parts-we provide all these materials with our beer cans or separately according to customer requirements.

For our customer service-installation of beer cans, modernization of beer fermentation technology, comprehensive implementation solutions for beer fermentation, beer maturation, wort processing, beer storage, beer packaging and distribution.


The layout and storage tank are designed according to your specific specifications to achieve maximum efficiency and integration

First-class control options, from basic simulation to fully automatic, suitable for systems of any size

Customize programming to monitor and/or automate any step in the brewing process

Touch screen interface for winery and wine cellar control

Mobile integration and control for off-site monitoring and brewery movement

Mixing automation for beater/jet flow, rate and temperature

Automatic culling, used to achieve the culling temperature of each batch

Knock out the size of the heat exchanger for rapid cooling

Remote access for technical support

Filter/spray flow control for easy transfer

2-Jump back

Multi-purpose soaking device for granules, whole hops, fruits, etc.

Mobile device that can be installed in a brewery or wine cellar

Dump dumping function to improve safety and ease of use

3-CIP cart

Mobile device for cleaning the entire brewery

Double containers for chemical storage and recycling with built-in heating

As an additional function of an independent hand pump

4-Fermentation tank

Sizes range from 3 bbl to 240+bbl

High-quality manufacturing for hygienic operation

Fully customizable building and winemaker-specific features


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