CNC handle BT40 ER32 chuck CNC machining center high-precision handle dynamic balance

Model specification: BT40-ER32-100L
Clamping length: 100
Effective clamping length: 75
Nut outer diameter: 50
Clamping range: 3-20mm



The inside and outside of the tool handle are integrally formed, finely controlled processing, more stable performance, and more suitable for high-precision machine tool processing.

All tool handles are fully inspected, and the detector made by Daibo Company in Germany is used to ensure that the taper of each product is 7:24, and the outer taper meets the accuracy ≤ AT3, with exquisite appearance and better quality.

The inner hole is finely ground. The collet fits precisely with the shank, so that the clamping force of the tool is greater, the rigidity is stronger, the cutting speed is faster, and the processing efficiency is improved.

With dynamic balance setting, the speed can reach 25,000-30,000 rpm, the processing hours are more stable and the precision is higher
High, small vibration, suitable for high-speed processing.

Alloy steel, the use of anti-seismic Kaixuan alloy steel can also effectively suppress vibration and is superior in anti-seismic.

Using carburizing and quenching process, the surface hardness is high, fatigue resistance and high wear resistance, and the core has the strength and toughness of low carbon steel after quenching, so that the handle can withstand certain impact and load.

CNC handle

CNC handle

Name: ER High Precision Tool Holder
Material: 40CR steel
Model: BT40-ER32-100L
Features: 40CR steel, high hardness, full product inspection, full bright appearance, exquisite workmanship, Taiwan quality, one-time clamping, one-time internal and external molding, high concentricity

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