Bore cutter holder S06K-SCLCR06

1. Screw type inner hole cutter
2. Blade shape rhombus 82° apex angle
3. Blade back angle 7°
4. Cutting edge length 6mm
5. The minimum processing diameter is 8.5mm
6. The length of the cutter body is 100mm



Bore cutter holder is made of alloy spring steel, which is 2-3 times the life of the ordinary tool rod.

A turning tool is a tool for turning that has one cutting portion. Turning tool is one of the most widely used tools in cutting.

The working part of the turning tool is the part that generates and processes chips, including structural elements such as the blade, the structure that breaks or rolls up chips, the space for chip removal or chip storage, and the passage of cutting fluid.

Bore cutter holder
Bore cutter holder

Note: The knife holder does not include the blade, and the blade needs to be purchased separately

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