Automotive Hand Vacuum Pump, Handheld Vacuum and Pressure Pump Brake Clutch Fluid Bleed Tool Kit, Squeeze Dual-Purpose Hand Vacuum Pump, Brake Fluid Replacement Tool

  • 2 in 1 Vacuum Pump Tester Set: Multi-functional hand vacuum pump tester is designed to test essential vehicle settings and operations. By using the included accessory caps and fittings, it can also be used as a brake bleeder
  • Solid Construction: Construced of high quality stainless steel, ensures durability and high performance for the brake bleeder kit, a set comprehensive vacuum pump tester kit allows testing of many vacuum operated systems
  • Test Gauge: Equipped with vacuum gauge, easy to read out the pressure; Handheld pistol pump design is easy to bleed car brakes by yourself; Suitable for testing boost pressure, vacuum solenoid valves, tank ventilation, MAP sensors, etc
  • A Complete Vacuum Pump: Package includes a vacuum pump with precision gauge, hoses, multi-use adapters and a brake fluid reservoir. Complete kit for both brake bleeding and automotive diagnosis
  • Blow Mold Case: This vacuum pump tester is packed in a heavy-duty, blow-molded case with precision-sized compartments for every piece – great for storage and transport while lengthening the life of the tool set. Red and blue case randomly delivered.



Hand Vacuum Pump Suitable for many Occasions

1.Brake and clutch hydraulic system bleeding

2.Measurement of vacuum supplied by boosters, reservoirs, solenoids or the engine.

3.Engine mechanical testing, such as testing of engine vacuum, testing intake and exhaust valves, testing manifolds and manifold gaskets for leaks, air/fuel mixture, cylinder leakage, turbocharger wastegate, and mechanical and electric vacuum pumps.

4.Testing of vacuum-operated components, including transmission modulators, heater and air conditioner doors, cruise control modulators, headlight doors, door locks, actuators.

5.Fuel system testing, such as fuel tank testing, filler cap testing, and testing of fuel lines, pumps, and pressure regulators.

6.Ignition system testing, such as distributor advance mechanisms, spark delay valve testing, vacuum delay valve testing.

7.Emission control system testing, such as EGR valves, PCV valves, ported vacuum switches, thermostatic air cleaners, exhaust heat control or heat riser valves, back pressure transducer valves.


Please read the instructions carefully before use

  • Do not drop the tool to make the pressure gauge vibrate, the accuracy of the gauge may be affected.
  • Be careful not to place it on the hot manifold or other engine parts.
  • Apply a few drops of oil to the connector to help vacuum and improve air tightness
  • Do not use petroleum-based lubricants such as WD-40, motor oil, penetrating oil, etc. Do not use cleaners such as carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner spray in the pump mechanism.

Portable Brake Tool Set

  • Brake bleeding vacuum gauge with sturdy blow molding case, convenient to store and carry


Protect Your Bleeder Kit

  • Hose connector cap, prevent fluid from flowing into the pump, protecting your bleeders


Long Life PVC Hoses

  • Transparent vinyl hose to see the progress of pulling waste fluid

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