Automatic Folding Machine 4 folds Continuous Paper Instruction Folding Machine School Office Folding Machine

  • Number of folds:2
  • Maximum Paper Size:310*700mm
  • Minimum Paper Size:50*70mm
  • Thickest Paper Specification:240g
  • Thinnest Paper Specification:40g
  • Line Speed:80m/min

NOTE: Prices may vary by product model and material.



The automatic paper folding machine can be used for folding paper of various sizes and thicknesses within the design range. It can be folded into the style shown in the legend, easy to adjust, smooth paper feeding, and stepless speed regulation. It is suitable for fast printing centers, production enterprises, official documents and business letters.

Product name Automatic Folding Machine
Voltage AC 220/50   110/60
Power 50W
Number of folds 4
Maximum Paper Size 310*700mm
Minimum Paper Size 50*70mm
Thickest Paper Specification 240g
Thinnest Paper Specification 40g
Line Speed 80m/min
Dimensions 1080*530*580mm
Net Weight 48kg

#Automatic Folding Machine

Features of automatic folding machine

1. Electronic counter: Cooperate with the photoelectric sensor, it can not only set the amount of folded paper, but also display the amount of folded paper.
2. Folding plate ruler: It is convenient to adjust the size of the origami, making the origami more accurate.
3. Origami Kun rotating handwheel: increase the safety of the equipment, and facilitate the adjustment of paper jams.
4. Operation panel of automatic folding machine: boat-shaped switch, cylindrical knob. Reasonable matching structure, simple operation and high safety performance.
5. Paper output pinch wheel assembly: two pairs of pinch wheels can better compact the folded paper.
6. The automatic folding machine uses aluminum alloy set nuts: fixed compact, beautiful and durable.


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