Aluminum Cutting Fluid 18L 5Gal Anti-Corrosion Anti-Rust Metal Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Product Usage
Cutting Fluid is suitable for the processing of various precision parts of die-casting, aluminum, and ship-to-air aluminum. Widely used in turning, drilling, boring and other processing methods. Applied in grinding, honing, precision grinding and other processes, it can be used as medium-duty cutting oil.


Product name Aluminum Cutting Fluid
Liquid Appearance Yellow
Water ratio 1:20
Suitable for craft type Grinding, cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, etc.
Suitable for processing materials 6-series aluminum, 5-series aluminum, die-casting aluminum, aviation aluminum and other types of aluminum
Size 18L: 30.5cm*37cm

Cutting Fluid Features

Lubricating performance, high finish

Cutting Fluid has good lubricity, wetting and cooling properties, which can protect the tool wear during processing to the greatest extent. Improve product surface finish and tool life, improve machining accuracy.

Cleaning performance, safety and environmental protection

High flash point, low viscosity, low volatile loss, clean, environmentally friendly, and no odor. Give operators a cleaner working environment. It has no corrosion and expansion effect on machine tool paint and sealing parts.

Odor resistance, not easy to stick to the machine

Greatly reduce the odor of cutting fluid, improve the environment of the production workshop, and minimize the discharge of waste liquid. Not easy to stick to the machine table and easy to clean.

Suppresses foam and improves efficiency

Low-foam surface active agent and high-efficiency defoamer are used to effectively reduce foam generation. Quickly remove the generated foam, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Especially suitable for ultra-high speed processing.

Anti-oxidation, anti-rust

It has a very good corrosion inhibitory effect on aluminum alloys. It can prevent the workpiece from being oxidized even if it is soaked in the working fluid for more than 3 days.

Instructions for use

1. The normal service life of Cutting Fluid is about three to six months, and the efficiency may drop significantly beyond this time. In normal times, water or stock solution should be continuously added to the cutting fluid tank. If the working efficiency is reduced by more than 20%, the working solution needs to be re-prepared. The excrement on the worktable must be cleaned up every time it is replaced, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency and service life.
2. The finished workpieces of turning, drilling, boring, comparing and finishing can be kept rust-free for 10 to 30 days. shallow cut
yellow or gray. If the customer has requirements for the processed surface, it can be cleaned with cleaning agent or refined oil or emulsified oil stock solution to obtain a silvery white and bright surface.

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