7 BBL Fermenter / Unitank with Jacketed and Side Manway

Fermentation tanks are where the magic happens. It’s important to have a precisely built vessel to condition your beer as it ferments and matures. Fermentation tanks are designed and built to last a lifetime, using some of the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. We offer ultra-precise welding and polishing, complete traceability, material exactness and a dedication to producing certified pressure vessels to all international standards. We work tirelessly to meet our customers’ unique brewing needs and offer compact fermentation tank designs to maximize the efficiency and organization of your production facility.
We carry out rigorous radio-graphic inspection on welding lines to ensure the prevention of contamination. We also utilizes state-of-the-art auto-polishing and electric-polishing technologies, which meet ASME and other international standards for in-tank sanitary requirements.

$7,120.00 $8,900.00

  • 25% top space to avoid beer foam out
  • Accommodate to brew 1/2 batches
  • 2” pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve
  • 1.5” sample valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • CIP – rotary spray ball
  • CO2 blow off tube
  • Rotating racking assembly
  • 60 degree cone
  • With steam jacket and polyurethane insulation
  • Fully welded cladding
  • Adjustable tank leveling pads
  • Carb Stone 1.5” TC assembly
  • RTD Probe
  • 4″ Hops port
  • 1.5″ Butterfly valves
  • Tension braces on legs
  • Good quality, reasonable price and excellent quality!

7 BBL fermenters


Capacity Cylinder(ODxH) OAH Inner Thickness
7BBL 1000 x 1160mm 2300mm 3mm
10BBL 1140 x 1300mm 2800mm 3mm
15BBL 1300 x 1500mm 3000mm 3mm
20BBL 1400 x 1600mm 3400mm 3mm
30BBL 1600 x 1800mm 3800mm 3mm
40BBL 1800 x 2000mm 4350mm 3mm
50BBL 1800 x 2000mm 4400mm 3mm
60BBL 1900 x 2100mm 5350mm 3mm
80BBL 2000 x 2200mm 5600mm 3mm
100BBL 2000 x 2200mm 7200mm 3mm





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