60HL Beer Fermentation Vessels/Fermenters/Unitanks

The 60HL beer fermenter has its own cooling device, which can easily control the fermentation temperature. The bottom of the tank is designed as a cone, which is very convenient for yeast recovery and cleaning. A rotating cleaning ball is installed inside the tank top, which is connected to the CIP cleaning system, which can clean the inner wall of the tank at 360 degrees without dead corner, ensuring sanitary and safety in production.

6000L fermenter can usually be matched with 3000L per batch beer brewing system or 6000L per batch beer brewing system, and 4-20 can be configured according to the fermentation cycle and output requirements of different beer. Generally, the configuration of bars and small craft breweries is more common, and the size and placement of the tank can be customized according to site requirements.


Effective capacity 60HL
Total capacity 78HL
Cooling method Alcohol or Glycol
Inner roughness 0.4um, pickling passivation
inner working pressure 1.5Bar
Inner bladder test pressure 3.0 bar
Jacket working pressure 1.5Bar
Jacket test pressure 3.0 bar
Scope of use Suitable for small catering in hotels, bars, etc.
Product advantages Tank body welding adopts TIG welding, high welding strength, high welding surface quality, not easy to contaminate bacteria, and easy to clean. Pipe welding is formed by one-time bending of pipe bending machine, which avoids welding joints, improves the smoothness of the surface, and is easy to clean.

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  • High-Quality Fermentation Tanks
    The fermentation of your product is one of the most important steps in the brewing process. To achieve the best possible fermentation, you will need to have a quality fermentation tank. Even more, you will need an equipment provider that will get you the tank that is just right for your brewery. Our team of experts and engineers will work diligently towards providing you the most appropriate fermentation tank according to your breweries size and style of operations. This is where excellent customer service comes in very handy. Our staff is friendly and ready to get you the best service available.
  • Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks
    Having a tank made out of the proper material is vital for the successful production of your beer, for a number of reasons. One thing to keep in mind is the importance of how proper equipment can maintain the quality of your products. In a business world with so much competition, it is necessary to save money whenever possible. Being able to maintain the quality of the product goes a long way in saving you money from having to replace damaged goods. Stainless steel will serve your needs better and also last longer, than tanks constructed from another metal.
  • Tank Insulation and Polishing Services
    Other benefits of our stainless steel tanks include a cooling/heating jacket and our polishing service.
  • Insulation
    Insulation maintains the internal temperature of the tank. Any quality tank will have quality insulation. Our thermal insulation provides durable, maintenance-free systems great for temperature control and energy-efficient operations.
  • Polishing
    Our experienced staff is also capable of performing precision metal polishing services. These polishing services are great for components of all shapes and sizes.


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