500W Tumbler Heat Press Machine, DIY Mug Transfer Heat Press Machine, 110V For 11OZ/15OZ/20OZ/30OZ Straight Cup Mug Heat Press Machine

  • 【High Quality】Tumbler heat press with the latest design, 500W super power, faster heating and more uniform heating. Maximum press cup capacity: 30 oz. Fits most straight cups.
  • 【 Easier operation】Sublimation tumbler heat press is completely designed with lever theory, and the operation is more labor-saving. The handle adopts a non-slip design, and the bottom of the machine is equipped with a non-slip foot pad, which is safer to use. The operation screen is the latest digital screen, with only three operation buttons on the full screen, which can precisely control the temperature and time of the machine.
  • 【Usage steps】1️. Fix the pattern paper you want to print on the cup on the cup, 2️. Put the cup into the heating pad of the cup ironing machine, adjust the pressure, after adjusting the pressure, press the handle tightly 3️. Open Switch and set the temperature and time. 4. When finished, take the cup out and remove the pattern paper.
  • 【Special Note】To prevent burns, please wear gloves when operating the machine. In order to ensure more uniform heating of the tumbler press, the flat bottom press adopts an auxiliary forming design. After the first heat is complete, rotate the glass 180 degrees to heat again. Please use glass, ceramic, metal and other high temperature resistant materials to make cup materials. Plastic products cannot be hot pressed.
  • 【Best Gift Choice】You can easily print pictures onto Sports water bottle, thermos cup, tumblers, cans, etc, and make unique gifts for friends and family, and the mug heat press machine itself is an ideal gift for DIY handmade lovers



Heat Press Machine Specification:

Stainless steel cup: 175℃ 90S

Ceramics cups: 200 ℃ cold machine: 300s hot machine: 200s

Suitable for: Most 11-30 oz mugs

Please Note:

  • Please use the inkjet printer to print the paper
  • If your handle is closed but cannot start the countdown, please adjust the pressure knob
  • After the first heating is completed, please rotate the tumbler 180 degrees and print it again
  • Please do not let the machine heat up when there are no tumblers in the heat press machine

1. Button temperature control meter
The button-type screen is used for comfortable operation and accurate control. The K-type thermostat is used for stable and more accurate temperature.
2. Suitable for multi-size coasters
Standard configuration: 250*210mm
Suitable for: 20-30oz straight cup 30oz: 270*245mm
3. Double adjusting nut
Clockwise to pressurize, counterclockwise to decompress, the pressure of the double adjustment nut is more uniform, and the hot stamping effect is better
4. Aviation plug
Easy to replace, not easy to leak electricity and safer to use

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