3KW Centrifugal Ventilator Pipeline Powerful Smoke Exhaust Centrifugal Fan

  • Improve efficiency & Energy saving;
  • ExtendService life of Fan;
  • Cost reduction;noise reduction;

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.




  • It can be used in various places.
  • Thickened carbon steel shell: Exquisite shell, thickened material, wear-resistant, high hardness, shock-resistant and drop-resistant, long life.
  • Copper core motor guarantees power output: high-quality thickened copper core wire, stable motor operation, low temperature rise, and long life.
  • Cooling wind cover: sturdy and beautiful, efficient heat dissipation, long service life.
  • Fixed feet: The structure is stable, and it comes with fixed holes, which is very convenient for installation.
  • Centrifugal fan blade: super large air inlet, large air volume and low noise.
  • Large air outlet: with a powerful motor, the air volume is greatly enhanced.

Specifications Motor power (KW) Wind pressure (Pa) Air volume (m³/h) Speed (r/min) Dimensions (L*W*H)
1.5A-0.55KW 0.55 912-720 830-1080 1450 375*298*378mm
2A-0.25KW 0.25 380-260 790-1120 1450 389*375*415mm
2.5A-0.75KW 0.75 490-390 1900-2800 1450 438*425*460mm
2.8A-0.75KW 0.75 550-420 2500-3800 1450 512*425*515mm
3A-1.5KW 1.5 760-640 2890-4300 1450 565*468*575mm
3.5A-3KW 3 1200-950 5100-6700 1450 634*564*638mm

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