20BBL Chocolate tanks Storage Holding Tank Chocolate Production Station

Shorter processing times
Thermoplate hot water double jacket
Designed wit or without mixer on stock tank (agitator)
High quality
Isolated system
Low energy consumption


Chocolate tanks
Function: Storage,holding, drain
Product applications: for chocolate products
Material: inox
Type: Cylindrical

Chocolate tanks Specifications
Metling and storage double jacketed tanks are available in different sizes from 250 to 5000 Kgs
Available in Stainless steel or painted steel
An ideal ratio between the height and the diameter to ensure the best heat exchange
A special agitator to move chocolate from downward to upward and from the middle to the extremities
The top cover is equipped with a micro-switch to stop the agitator when opened
The tank is equipped with a drain gate and a water pump for an open circuit water circulation
The tank is equipped with its electric control panel
A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the chocolate temperature
Supplied with all needed accessories: boilers, double jacketed chocolate pumps, double jacketed 3 way valves, level testers, etc..


Each chocolate tank in this range is fitted with a stainless steel ball or butterfly valve outlet. The stirrers are of the over-driven gate type.
The stirrers are driven by a bridge mounted motor and gearbox unit. At each side of the center bridge are two hinged lids with magnetic safety switches fitted.
All chocolate tanks are heated via a self contained water jacket.
A fully controllable thermostat ensures the chocolate is warmed to the correct temperature.

Technical features :
Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
Cylindrical reservoir.
Storage tank is on painted black steel platform.
Water jacketed and insulated with glass wool with heating element.
PID controlled heating.Speed adjustable agitator.
Possibility to mix continuous or to work on ON / OFF regime.
Magnet filter with sieve.Stainless steel lobe type pump.Row material loading capacity 1100lt.
(1300kg.)Total power consumption 380V 7.5KW.Possibility to be transported horizontally.


Chocolate storage tank we produce is cylindrical. It is water jacketed with PID controlled heating element. Stirrer is speed adjustable and with feature to work on continuous or on ON/OFF regime. Water inside a twin-shell coat ensures heating and keeping temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate storage tank is used to store the liquid chocolate in constant temperature and homogenous structure. They are not suitable for melting purposes.Store your chocolate in water jacketed reservoirs completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel and with side wall teflon or stainless steel sheet metal scrapers.

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