2 L/h CBD 3″ Stainless Steel Wiped Film Short Path Molecular Distiller

1. Main materials: Stainless steel 316 / 304

2. Continuous feed and discharge by discharge pump

3. CBD throughput: 1 ~ 2 L/h

4. Evaporation Area: 0.058㎡

5. Built-incondenser heat transfer area:0.065㎡

6. High efficiency evaporation


TLD-089 short path distiller

1. It’s a turnkey 3″ Stainless Steel Short Path Molecular Distiller for hemp CBD oil. If you take the right feeding speed and method of operation, the CBD oil throughput can reach 2 L/h or more. Of course, this is also related to the actual CBD content in your raw materials.

2. The vacuum pump, heating and constant temperature units have been included in the equipment. You just need to prepare cooling water and heat transfer oil to make the equipment work.

3. Our discharge system is not glass flasks, but discharge pumps. This kind of special discharge pump can discharge material continuously while the equipment is running without destroying the vacuum. You can use any container you want to hold the material.

4. We provide additional electric heating belt. We think this is very useful for the operation of the equipment and the products. Please refer to the instructions provided with the equipment for installation. Of course, you can also use your own insulation system.

5. Each set of equipment is tested before delivery to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

SPD Introduction

Differentfrom the traditional wiped film evaporator design, the condenser is locatedinside the short path evaporator body.
Feed liquid is admitted into still under high vacuum, immediately spreadinto a very thin film and forced quickly down the
evaporation surface. Heated walls and high vacuum drive the more volatilecomponents (distillate) to the external condenser as the less volatilecomponents (residue) continue down the cylinder. The resulting fractions, thusseparated, exit through individual discharge outlets. Depending on application,the desired product is either the distillate or the residue fraction. Smallamounts of condensable low MW compounds collect in cold trap upstream of vacuumsystem. For high solvent loads, an optional external condenser may be installedimmediately downstream of the still.
——Particular features
Continuous distillation process.
Very low operating pressures up to 0.1Pa (100Pa=1mba). (The considerably lowerpressure in the short path evaporator is obtained by the short distance for thevapours on their way from the evaporator surface to the condenser. )
The very low operating pressures ensure very low distillation temperatures andtherefore a very gentle distillation is possible.
Short residence time. (Thanks to the short residence time, the low evaporationtemperature and the immediate cooling of the concentrate, thermal stress anddecomposition of the product can be minimized.)
High evaporation rates.
——Fields of application
For the thermal separation of high molecular and high-boiling products.

For heat sensitive materials.


Our Advantages

Better manufacturing process & Better vacuum
More advanced distillation principle & More advanced film forming system

Our characteristics

Many of our equipment for CBD oil production will be customized and optimized according to previous customer requirements and feedback, rather than using some standard equipment and solutions. Therefore, we can not only provide individual equipment, we can also provide a complete set of production systems and solutions.

Welcome to email and tell us more about your ideas.

Product Information

Technical Details
MATERIAL Stainless steel 316 / 304
TEMPERATURE Room temp. ~ 200 ℃
DIAMETER 80 mm / 3 inch
THROUGHPUT 1 ~ 2 (L/h)
ROTATION SPEED 80 ~ 390 rpm
FILM SYSTEM Self-Clean Roll Filming System
VACUITY min: 0.001mbar (depend on the nature of material and vacuum pump)(vacuum pump not included)
COLD TRAP Liquid nitrogen / stainless steel 304
FLOOR AREA length x width x height = 2200 x 800 x 2200 (mm)

220V – 60Hz

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