2 Gallon, Inline Water Pressure Tank storage tank

  • Kills over 99.9% of bacteria on contact.
  • Safe, Silver-Ion technology only targets active microorganisms.
  • Long lasting compound protects water reservoir from biofilm fouling.



Projection Welded Air Valve

  • Eliminates threaded valve leak paths.
  • Tamper-evident warning label for added safety.

NEW High Strength Steel (HSS) Construction

  • Deep-drawn dome for double the strength of rolled steel.
  • Multi-dome construction for internal bracing.

Multi-Dome Construction

  • Provides internal bracing for added strength.
  • Prevents diaphragm over-extension.

Positive Hoop Ring and Groove Seal

  • Unique hoop and gring groove design secures the diaphragm, liner and shell for added strength and reliability.
  • Exclusive welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges that can damage the diaphragm and liner.

Seamless Heavy Duty Butyl Diaphragm

  • The Industry’s thickest diaphragm for extra strength and flexibility.
  • Conforms exactly to the shell without stretching, creasing or forming bubbles that could trap water or sediment.
  • Meets stringent FDA requirements.

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