12000Lb Trailer Quiet Brake Car Electric Winch Synthetic Rope 12V Permanent Magnet Motor

1. 12,000 pounds of pulling muscle in a compact package
2. 12 V 6.0 hp series wound motor
3. Remote control
4. 79′ of 3/8″ (24 m of 9.5 mm) diameter synthetic rope
5. 12V 12000Lb Trailer Quiet Brake Car Electric Winch Synthetic Rope




  1. Sophisticated workmanship based on reliable materials.
  2. Easy to use and wear-resistant for long-term use.
  3. Convenient, portable power for pulling boats, vehicles.
  4. With strong pulling power, easy operation.
  5. A fully-assembled item with wide applications.


Tooloffroad winch advantage:

  1. Winch accessories are completed and made of steel.
  2. All copper motor, good heat dissipation.
  3. The actual pulling force is larger than the product identification, and it can lift vertically.
  4. The planetary gear is not only cold extruded by pressing machine, but also it has been quenching heat treatment, so the quality is better. Many of the manufacture’s planetary gears have not been cold extruded or quenching heat treatment, so it can be easily damaged.
  5. The welding is in place, and the surface is smooth. This product is sturdy and durable.



1.To ensure that you choose a winch with enough power for your truck or SUV, use this easy formula: gross vehicle weight x 1.8 = minimum winch size.

2.please read the instructions carefully and wire according to the instructions. Winches are electrical products that can cause short circuits and heat or smoke if wiring is wrong.

3.We suggest that you find a professional to install. If there are any problems on the installation, please feel free to consult at any time.

Product Information

Technical Details
Rated line pull 12000 lb (5443 kg)single-line
Motor 6 hp (4.5 kw) 12 V, series wound motor
Synthetic rope 9.5 mm x 24 m
Drum size 2.51” x 8.82” (64 mm x 224 mm)
Gear train 3-stage planetary
Gear reduction ratio 265:1
Clutch 180°
Additional Information
Package size 600 x 245 x 370 mm
Gross weight 61.7 lb (28 kg)

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