Embroidery Paper Backing 10″ x 50 Yd Roll – Medium Weight 60g – Cut To Size – For Machine Embroidery & Hand Sewing, Two Way Easy Tear Machine Embroidery Stabilizer

  • ▶TEMPORARY STABILIZER: It provides temporary support for embroidery projects. They are best used on firmly woven fabrics and fabrics made from natural fibers. Our tear away embroidery paper backing can be torn away easily yet provides adequate stability.
  • ▶WIDE APPLICATIONS: Best used on natural fibers, thicker and softer fabrics. Great for hoop embroidery, applique, thread stretching, computerized lace embroidery and decorative stitch sewing.
  • ▶SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: 100% first-class Polyester which is acid and lead free! No any itching worries even you use our tear away embroidery stabilizer on your skin-touch clothes.
  • ▶FIT MOST OF THE HOOPS: The width 10″ allows to cut into 8″x10″ to fit 4×4 hoop, to cut into 10″x12″ to fit 5×7 hoop or to cut into smaller sizes to fit 1 1/2×2 Oval Pocket Hoop, (Hoops:1″x2.5″, 5″x12″,6“x6”, 6″x10″, 7”x12” etc.).
  • ▶MEDIUM WEIGHT FOR ALL THE STITCH DENSITY (COUNTS): It is medium weight 60 Grams tear away embroidery stabilizer for light to medium stitch density, for much denser designs, you can use more than one layer.
  • From 10 square meters



Q: Under what circumstances is it suitable to choose 60g embroidery paper backing?
A: The 60g embroidered interlining is a light and thin interlining, which needs to be used when the fabric is slightly thicker.
Q: If the fabric is thicker and the embroidery density is lower, is it suitable?
A: It is suitable, but if the embroidery density is high, it is recommended to use thicker embroidery paper lining, such as 80g and 100g!
Q: I want to use a thicker paper lining, but what should I do if there are requirements for environmental protection?
A: Using double-layer environmentally friendly paper lining also has the same effect.

“Tear Away Embroidery (Medium Weight 2.1oz)
Tear away stabilizers are used when you wish to remove most of the excess stabilizer from the back of the project after embroidery.

It was recommended to be used on woven fabrics that have no stretch like quilted fabrics, 100 percent cotton, poly cotton fabrics, linen, vinyl, leather…” “Cut Away Embroidery (Medium Weight 2.5oz)
Cut away stabilizer must be removed by cutting it away and the rest behind the stitch will remain on the fabric for the life of the design.

Cut away stabilizer is considered the most stable stabilizer.

It is typically recommended for unstable and stretchy fabric such as knits and high-stitch count design.” “Wash Away Embroidery Stabilizer (Light Weight 1.5oz)
If your project requires no traces of the stabilizer to be left after embroidery, you must use a wash away stabilizer.

The strength of support offered by a wash away stabilizer is significantly less than cut away or tear away stabilizers.

Wash away embroidery stabilizer is recommended for lightweight fabric and Free Standing Lace.”

“No Show Mesh Embroidery Stabilizer (Light Weight 1.8oz)
No Show Mesh is also a kind of cutaway embroidery stabilizer which will remain forever fixed to your fabric but it is sheer and semi-transparent which is not for very heavy design.Stabilizer is recommended for light colored fabrics.

It is extremely soft for baby garment and some fabric when soft is a very important consideration.” “Water Soluble Topping Film (Light Weight 25Mircon))
Water Soluble Toppings are used only on the top of the fabric to control the nap of the fabric. It is best used on napped fabrics such as towels, knits, velvets, or velveteens to prevent the stitch sinking into fabric. They are too lightweight to be used as the backing stabilizer.” “Fusible Iron On Embroidery Stabilizer (Light&Medium Weight)
Fusible Iron On stabilizer has a side with shiny coating which can be ironed to the wrong side to the fabric, so it can be fix to the fabric without a hoop.

Using Fusible Iron On stabilizer will prevent stretching of the fabric during the hooping process.”


10"x50yd roll, 10"x25yd roll, 12"x50yd roll, 15"x25yd roll

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