1000L Mixing Tank Shampoo Making Machine Homogenizer Mixing Tank

This high quality stainless steel shampoo making machine mixing tank is suitable for manufacturing various liquid products (such as liquid soap, detergent, shampoo, shower gel, hand wash etc).

It integrates the function of mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional), which is the ideal equipment for liquid products in domestic and international factories.

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.



Features and Advantages

  • The all-round wall scraper mixing adopts the frequency converter for speed adjustment, so that to produce high quality products of different processes according to customer requirements.
  • The self-suction type AES dissolver can shorten dissolving time, so as to save energy consumption and shorten production period.
  • The pot body is welded by imported three-layer stainless steel plate. The tank body and the pipes adopt mirror polishing.
  • According to technological requirement, the jacket tank can heat and cool the materials. The heating way including steam heating and electric heating for customer choice.
  • The electrical control cabinet can completely supervise the operation of the equipment, and display main data such as temperature and rotation speed etc.
  • Easy to discharge, bottom direct discharge by transfer pump.

Model Capacity Mixing Power/Speed Homogenizer Power/Speed Heating Method
50L 50 Liter 0.75KW / 0-60RPM 1.5KW / 0-3000RPM Electric / Steam Heating
100L 100 Liter 0.75KW / 0-60RPM 1.5KW / 0-3000RPM
200L 200 Liter 1.5KW / 0-60RPM 2.2KW / 0-3000RPM
300L 300 Liter 1.5KW / 0-60RPM 2.2KW / 0-3000RPM
500L 500 Liter 2.2KW / 0-60RPM 4KW / 0-3000RPM
1000L 1000 Liter 4KW / 0-60RPM 7.5KW / 0-3000RPM
2000L 2000 Liter 5.5KW / 0-60RPM 11KW / 0-3000RPM
3000L 3000 Liter 7.5KW / 0-60RPM 18KW / 0-3000RPM
5000L 5000 Liter 11KW / 0-60RPM 22KW / 0-3000RPM


500L, 1000L

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