10000L Double Head Horizontal Storage Tank Sake Fermentation Tank



10000L Horizontal Storage Tank Sake

Horizontal sake fermentation tanks bring high-tech fermentation solutions to breweries with restricted ceiling heights.
Horizontal fermenters feature a slow-moving central shaft with stirring arms that efficiently break down and re-immerse the lid with just a few turns. The duration and interval of immersion operations are programmable to suit your needs for different vineyards and vintages as well as your personal winemaking style.
The mixing arm tilts forward, which pushes forward and facilitates complete emptying of the tank once fermentation is complete through the 125 mm (5 in.) drain valve.
Main features:
The tank is entirely 304 stainless steel.
Forward facing unit, vertical top hatch, with clamp ferrule
ladder support bow
oval manhole door
Includes bimetallic thermometer insert Stainless steel thermowell
Stainless steel sampling valve
stainless steel drain
Stainless steel electric control box

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